Jim Rohn's Classic Smoothe Mixx Music Collection

10 Classic Jim Rohn Smoothe Mixx Albums (over 150 single mp3 tracks) Value = $150.00 Get the Full Collection for Just $50.00

Jim Rohn - Lessons of the Seasons
Jim Rohn_BYNMB

So why not just slip on a pair of headphones, listen and enjoy the JIM ROHN CLASSIC SMOOTHE MIXX. I personally love listening to these audios while I'm working at my computer, in the gym or whilst travelling... Try it for yourself and see how it refreshes you mentally, improves your focus, organization and concentration.

Your productivity will soar! The JIM ROHN CLASSIC SMOOTHE MIXX COLLECTION represents an extraordinary collection from one of the most cherished and respected personal achievement coaches of all time.

Consider it to be your mentoring and coaching system for winning and propelling yourself to the ULTIMATE MOTIVATION in your business and your life. Commit yourself wholeheartedly now and let the JIM ROHN CLASSIC SMOOTHE MIXX  Change Your Life Forever!

Master the Skills, Attitudes, and Disciplines to Be the Best in Your Business and Personal Life...

Album cover_1400x1400 -  formula for failure and success
philospohy of the rich
Living a good life
Managing your emotions
Leading your family

Do You Find Yourself Struggling With...
Doing all the tasks that you need to do every day? Things like finding energy for daily exercise, doing the grocery shopping, maintaining the spark in your relationship, prospecting new clients, visiting customers, doing the laundry, or even walking the dogs!

Do you sometimes find that just getting started with those "first steps" is a struggle? Me too. Or I did... until I found out about the importance of human psychology. You see, while ordinary folks may be unaware of it, people who are involved with the study of human behaviour and psychology have found ways to actually "tweak" a person's motivation.

By using a simple process of information, repetition and entertainment, it is possible to amplify short-term motivation and expand it into a long-term commitment to improve yourself... That was our intention for developing these superb Smoothe Mixx Motivational audios with our line-up of recognized authorities who have excelled in their fields! To help them communicate with people in a cool way, and help those people to quickly get over the barriers to living a successful life.

Goals for the future
Express Yourself_Jim Rohn

10 Classic Jim Rohn Smoothe Mixx Albums (featuring 150 single mp3 tracks) worth over $150.00. Get the whole collection for Just $50.00

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